Saturday, December 12, 2015

1 x 15 - One Model, Fifteen Photographers Exhibition Opening

On December 3rd, 2015, New Grounds Gallery hosted an opening reception for 1 x 15 - One Model, Fifteen Photographers. This bi-annual event is designed, curated and coordinated by local photographer Pat Berrett and it features an interesting approach to the long tradition of photographing models.

A viewer admurires Malik Daniels work

Viewers (and the model, left) enjoy the photographs 

Viewers experience the variety of pieces in the show

Matrix Fine Art was very excited to once again host this intriguing exhibition. Pat Berrett invites 15 photographers – some well established, some emerging – and asks them to collaborate with the same model to create 15 completely different sets of images. The model becomes the vehicle for the artist’s vision, but she is also the inspiration and the muse.  The challenge for the photographer is to clearly define the concept and give a starting point. The model is the perfect chameleon.

As always, the event drew a large, appreciative crowd and the model herself, Caroline Graham, was able to attend the opening.

Participating artists:
Tim Anderson
Pat Berrett
Dawn Allyn
Dennis Chamberlain
Katie Chavez
Malik Daniels
 Lincoln Draper
 Makul Gadde
Tony Giancola
Caroline Graham
Deyona Gundlach
Jennifer Hudson
Marie Maher
Peter Ogilvie
Tom Outler
David Vogel
More images from the opening:

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