Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LUSH - Abstract Paintings by Sally Condon, Kuzana Ogg, & Susan Reid

Sally Condon
Inside Out
20 x 20"
Oil and Collage on Panel

LUSH features three accomplished woman artists whose abstract paintings are very detailed and layered. Condon uses wax to embed organic materials and found images into her architectural compositions, Ogg’s paintings are inspired by the silky texture and shimmer of her grandmother’s saris, and Reid composes her pieces out of hundreds and hundreds of individual dots. Each of these artists fuses a unique vision with exceptional painterly skills.

Exhibition dates: February 6 – 28
(Early Bird Preview: February 3 to 6)

First Friday Artscrawl Reception: February 6, 5 – 8:00 PM

Gallery hours: Tuesday 10 - 4, Wednesday - Sunday, 9 - 6

Contact person: Regina Held, 268-8952
Cost of event: Free

Location: 3812 Central Ave. SE - 2.5 blocks east of Carlisle between Solano and Aliso, next to New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery.

Website: For a preview of the exhibition, visit our webpage at

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drawing and Preliminary Sketches Reception

The Drawing and Preparatory Sketches show gives people a chance to see how some artists plan out their art before it becomes completed.

At the opening Matthew Lutz came and had a chance to discuss the drawing he has on display. The drawing is set up on an easel with drawing utensils. It looks like he comes in to the gallery to work on it!

Many people enjoyed the show.

Jorge Tristani, a New Grounds artist, brought his friends and looks like he is having a great time.

Here are two ladies having fun talking about the art.

These First Friday receptions are a great time for artists’ to get together in a casual setting and discuss their art. Here is Matthew Lutz and Bruce Childs, a new member at New Grounds, talking together.

The show will be up through Friday, January 30th. Come and visit us!

Holiday Sale ReCap

The Holiday Sale by Matrix Artists’ reception drew in a smaller crowd than expected. Those who came to the show enjoyed seeing the diverse art that was hanging in the gallery. The sale gave us a chance to see art that has been tucked away and only pulled out once a year! Katrina Lasko brought in some figurative pieces that were unlike any of her work that I’d seen before.

This young boy chose this piece as his favorite.

This man really enjoyed the mosaics by Laura Robbins who is a new artist here at Matrix. We are happy to have some of her pieces here.

Mary Zaremba came to volunteer at the reception and did a fantastic job greeting people as they came in.

Mary also had a chance to talk with Elizabeth Fritzsche about her newest porcelain pieces that she brought into the gallery. We loved the porcelain so much we decided to display it after the holiday sale. They are still here if anyone didn’t have a chance to make it in December.

Iva Morris brought in some new pastels and here are people enjoying them. Mary Zaremba is standing near her photographs as well.

Karin Brandi and Marilyn Dillard.

Look at Judith Rauchfuss’ beautiful masks!

Happy Holidays and see you next year for the 2009 Under 500 Affordable Art Sale!