Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Old Masters/New Voices - Landscapes from Collections and Still Life by Susan Evan, Exhibition Opening

Susan Evans still life on exhibit in the Matrix

On First Friday, November 6,2015, Matrix Fine Art held an exhibition opening and artist reception for Old Voices/New Masters - Landscapes from Collections and Still Life by Susan Evans. 

In this unique exhibition, we combined the lush, radiant still life of Susan Evans with a selection of historic works from several private collections, many of which are available for the first time since their original purchase.

"Persian Pomegrantes," 201. Susan Evans. Oil on canvas. 30 x 48"

Susan Evans' oil paintings are always a delight, drawing on 17th century technique with a playful, often jubilant contemporary bend.

"Homemade Pancakes," 2015. Susan Evans. Oil on Canvas. 12 x 12"

Susan says of her work:

"My dedication to the technique of chiaroscuro follows the spirit of the Great Enlightenment of the Northern Baroque Period of the 17th century.  I use this method to exalt reality and I make use of human visual archetypes in my choice of subject material.  I seek to impart a sublime presence to simple objects; also the use of negative space contributes to the peaceful and contemplative quality of my work.

The classic techniques and underlying forces are employed:
– Directional shapes in the abstract design
–  A single dominant light source to move the eye
– Intensity of light and value in the focal area I seek to evoke an emotional response from my viewer with the dramatic single image pieces. Both exciting and meditative, these large pieces are an unflinching look at one particular form."

Susan Evans

Susan Evans

Susan painstakingly imbues each object with a sense of light, weight and presence. An ordinary avocado becomes a radiant moment of contemplation.

Susan Evans

Susan Evans

While her fruits are stand-outs, intensely dramatic and colorful, her sweets are true crowd-pleases. Everything from donuts to pancakes graces her glazed (pun intended) canvases!

Susan Evans, 2015. Posing with Zen Aubergine.
"Tomato Treat," 2015. Susan Evans. Oil on canvas. 24 x 24".
In addition to Susan's still life pieces, Matrix Fine Art is also featuring a selection of historic, highly collectible works from several private and estate collections.

Estate collection pieces by Ben Turner and an unknown Spanish landscape painter

Works by Frank McCulloch and George Grosz

Among these are pieces by Ben Turner, Fritz Scholder, George Grosz and Frank McCulloch.

Untitled Landscape (View of the Pecos Wilderness). Ben Turner. Oil on Panel. Price on request.

This historic work by Ben Turner was in the possession of US senator Dennis Chavez; and it hung in his office in Washington, DC, until his death in 1962. The painting continued to be in the possession of his family and was prominently displayed in his daughter’s home in Albuquerque, NM, until her passing this year.

Ben Turner (1912-1966), a descendant of famed English maritime artist, J.M.W. Turner (1775 – 1851), is a well-known New Mexico landscape painter who gained recognition as one of few early 20th century New Mexico natives to gain commercial success in the arts. Turner was born in Gallup, New Mexico and studied at the University of New Mexico and the Art Institute of Chicago, later becoming associated with Taos and Santa Fe art scenes, where he established several prominent studios. He specialized in spontaneous, natural paintings depicting the variety and richness of his home landscape. Turner’s works are part of numerous private and national collections, including the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C..

"Another Matinee Cowboy," 1984. Fritz Scholder. Lithography.
 Tamarind no.  84-804. 14 x 11". Price on request.

Fritz Scholder (1937-2005) is a well-known pop art and postmodern Native American artist, born in Breckenridge, Minnesota. Scholder was one-quarter LuiseƱo (a California Mission tribe), which spans Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Widely shown and highly respected, Scholder was a versatile artist, educated at several universities, including Sacramento State and the University of Arizona. He was invited by the Tamarind Institute to produce their first major project in New Mexico, a suite of lithographs entitled: Indians Forever. This began a large body of work in printmaking for Scholder, which allowed him to mix traditional considerations with a spontaneous, culturally critical pop art style. Scholder’s printmaking techniques include lithography, etchings, monotypes and his work is held in a number of major collections. In 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger posthumously awarded Scholder into the California Hall of Fame for a lifetime of important contributions in the arts and California culture.

Matrix is looking for and representing original pieces on consignment, for resale from collections and estates. For more information, visit our Works from Estates and Collections page.

Missed the exhibition opening? Don't worry. The show runs through Nov. 26, 2015.