Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black and White, photography by Pat Berrett, Matthew Cohen, and MaryZaremba

A large crowed gathered at Matrix Fine Art to see the stunning black and white images created by photographers Pat Berrett, Matthew Cohen, and Mary Zaremba. Above Pat Berrett stands in front of his photographs.
Photographer Matthew Cohen stands with Pat Berrett in Matrix before the reception.
A couple stops and looks at photos by Pat Berrett and Matthew Cohen.
A guest visits with Photographer Mary Zaremba.
The model, Pam,  photographed by Mary Zaremba examines herself in the photos.
A woman seems impressed by the humorous landscape by Matthew Lutz.
Be sure to visit us for our next First Friday Reception!
Photographs and Blog by Kaitlin Reese, New Grounds and Matrix Fine Art Intern.