Sunday, February 3, 2013

Phil Peterson's Retrospective

Eighty-year-old artist Phil Peterson's new retrospective show Friday night was infomative about water based acrylic media, humorous, and fun!

Phil stands and talks with a guest.
The majority of Phil Peterson's art is large and measures between 4' x 5'.
Upon first look one could easily not notice the collaged materials within the paintings, but on closer inspection grocery bags, map pieces, overlapping and criss-crossing pencil lines, and even sand can be seen amid the paint.
Director Regina Held talks with New Grounds member Pam Wesolek before Phil's talk.
One of Phil's granddaughters stands in front of one of his paintings.

Regina introduces Phil before his talk.
In order for people to better understand his process and the nature of acrylic paint Phil gives guests and demonstration and chemistry lesson.
Phil began making his paintings on stands like this in his New York apartment in the 1960's.

Phil explains the chemial properties of safe non-toxic PVA which is found in acyrlics. Throughout history artist have used media such as oil based ink and dangerous solvents to create work, which over time can lead to disabling health issues.

Phil as a child lived close to the Hanford Atomic Project, and as an artist draws inspiration from that past. He sees beauty in every day power lines which are common themes in his art.

Please be sure to join us the next First Friday!

Photos by Jeff Simpson
Written by Kaitlin Reese, New Grounds Intern