Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Friday August 2013, "Excavations", paintings by Raul Dorn andMarilyn Dillard.

At Matrix Fine Art we started the month of August off with a reception showing off paintings by Raul Dorn and Marilyn Dillard, who are both friendly and talented!

Inside New Grounds artists Mary Sundstrom and Kathe Noe pose with a friend between them.

Former intern and now New Grounds artist Ryan Harris came to see the show with his lovely girlfriend Taylor.

Gallery Assistant Tanya Landin Smiles with Matrix and New Grounds artist Phil Peterson.
New Grounds artist Jaqui Lewnes and Tayna stand and smile for the camera in front of a piece by Marilyn Dillard.
Jaqui and our always fabulous Director Regina Held pose in front of work by Raul Dorn in Matrix.
Artists Raul Dorn and Marilyn Dillard.
New Grounds artist Pamela Wesolek prepares for the evening demonstration.

Do not forget to drop by and see us on the next First Friday!

Blog by Kaitlin Reese, Intern.
Photos by Kaitlin Reese and Jeff Simpson