Friday, September 16, 2011

Marilyn Dillard’s Colorful Abstracts Brighten the Room!

Dillard is small in stature yet uses canvases larger than her to as small as an 8 x 10" painting. Her newest pieces are inspired by the natural landscape, especially the visual qualities of rock, soil, and vegetation in its many variations. The work does not include reproductions of the landscape or a specific place but rather represents the essence of the landscape.

Many people came out to see this lovely exhibition. The work is
a beauty of contrast, textured imperfections, and emotions that Dillard expresses through her abstract paintings.

Another artist, Matthew Lutz came to the opening. Leo Neufeld also came to see his wall in honor of being announced a Local Treasure in Albuquerque! It is always a joy to see the Matrix artists. They are usually busy working away in their studios and doing their daily life things that we don't get to visit often.
Matthew Lutz

Leo Neufeld

Marilyn Dillard has been with Matrix since it first opened. It is a delight to see her work evolve.

And here is the crew that helps make this gallery a success!

(From left to right: Kristen Gentry- Intern, Meredith Chapman- Intern, Regina Held, Director, Tanya Landin- Assistant, Pamela DiMauro- Assistant)

Thanks Jeff Simpson for the photographs!!