Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo New Mexico Juror Talk

This is a little past due... better late than never, right?

Mary Anne Redding discusses how and why she chose the photographs for Photo New Mexico 2011. With the names and titles set aside, Redding looked through over 100 photographs to choose from. Her initial reaction was to choose images that stood out visually from the rest. We asked that she choose one image per artist so the gallery could represent more artists. Redding had a difficult time with this as some of the images by the same photographer were so striking!

The photogravure, “Building Blocks of War”, by Diane Alire, won the juror’s choice award. Redding loved the political message, the exquisite printing, and the composition of the piece.

Building Blocks of War

There was a question about photogravure being considered photography or printmaking or both. Redding highly agreed that it is a photographic process because the artist starts from a photograph being printed in an alternative fashion. Photogravure is a printmaking process and many can see how a photograph translates into gravure just next door at New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery!