Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sara D’Alessandro’s sculpture and Frank McCulloch’s paintings are a perfect marriage!

Frank and Patsi

This was another lovely reception at Matrix Fine Art. Frank McCulloch’ new landscapes are vibrant and energetic; there seems to be now slowing down for Albuquerque’s favorite octogenarian. As a special treat we are also displaying some of Frank’s older and more abstract lithographs.

Sara and her work

D’Alessandro surpassed herself with this body of work. These pieces are elegant, abstract, and yet retain some of the quirkiness we have come to expect of there work.

Sun Transit Dancers

This was a fun evenings with a lot of surprise visitors such as Russell Hamilton and his wife.

Frank and Russell

Frank and the Kalishmans

Thanks to all of you who came to the reception. If you missed it, the show has been extended through December 3.

This blog was written and submitted by Matrix director Regina Held and gallery assistant Tanya Landin

Regina and Tanya

Images by Jeff Simpson.