Sunday, October 7, 2012

Abstract NM Gallery Talk by Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, Albuquerque Museum

Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, Albuquerque Museum gave an interactive analysis and insight in his daunting process of selecting each amazing work shown at the Abstract NM show in the Matrix Fine Art Gallery.  Connors talk was one unique introspection in his process of dealing with the task of mentally selecting, cataloging, and curating such a show, which was wonderfully unique to those who attended.  Most jurors or curators don't readily conduct such an interactive talk, but Connors spoke with us and amongst us while explaining his thoughts and process, while asking the artists who attended how they made, and thought of their work.  The talk gave an insight into the curator's mind that is not often seen.  It was a refreshing experience to say the least.

- Meredith Chapman, Artist