Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kuzana Ogg’s new paintings are big and bold in “Super City”

Kuzana Ogg was born and raised in India and has traveled widely which continues to influence her work. Not only does she deserve a price for “best dressed artist during a reception” she also should receive the “most prolific artist on the planet” award if there was such a thing!

Her April 1 reception was well attended and a lot of fun. Next door, New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery celebrated its 15 year anniversary which called for properly mixed cosmopolitans!

Over the last three years, Kuzana’s oil paintings slowly experienced a transformation from organic images of Mangos to patterned shapes resembling silk saris to geometric urban shapes. Her new work combines all of these motifs and adds a new element, houses, to her repertoire. These images were inspired by the time she spent living in Korea as well as her time in England. Although this seems like an odd combination of influences it works. Fields, gardens, urban architecture merge into lush, yet slightly quirky abstract landscapes.

Kuzana says about her work: “The mangos are a nostalgic reference to my childhood in India, the seeded fields to a desire for order and continuum, and the windows to the multiple iterations of humanity.”

The show runs until April 30. It’s a fabulous body of work, so don’t miss it!