Saturday, December 12, 2015

1 x 15 - One Model, Fifteen Photographers Exhibition Opening

On December 3rd, 2015, New Grounds Gallery hosted an opening reception for 1 x 15 - One Model, Fifteen Photographers. This bi-annual event is designed, curated and coordinated by local photographer Pat Berrett and it features an interesting approach to the long tradition of photographing models.

A viewer admurires Malik Daniels work

Viewers (and the model, left) enjoy the photographs 

Viewers experience the variety of pieces in the show

Matrix Fine Art was very excited to once again host this intriguing exhibition. Pat Berrett invites 15 photographers – some well established, some emerging – and asks them to collaborate with the same model to create 15 completely different sets of images. The model becomes the vehicle for the artist’s vision, but she is also the inspiration and the muse.  The challenge for the photographer is to clearly define the concept and give a starting point. The model is the perfect chameleon.

As always, the event drew a large, appreciative crowd and the model herself, Caroline Graham, was able to attend the opening.

Participating artists:
Tim Anderson
Pat Berrett
Dawn Allyn
Dennis Chamberlain
Katie Chavez
Malik Daniels
 Lincoln Draper
 Makul Gadde
Tony Giancola
Caroline Graham
Deyona Gundlach
Jennifer Hudson
Marie Maher
Peter Ogilvie
Tom Outler
David Vogel
More images from the opening:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Susan Evans - Special Mid-month Invitational

Invited guests and collectors enjoy Susan's radiant fruits

In mid-November, Susan Evans graciously hosted an exclusive, invitational event at Matrix Fine Art for her fans, collectors and friends. The evening was the perfect blend of sophistication, beautiful artwork and sparkling lights (and champagne!), all of which are well-suited to Susan's lush chiaroscuro painting technique.

Guests enjoy classy hospitality and art

Susan's paintings generated a great deal of discussion, as the perfect combination of gallery lighting and the New Mexico night illuminated the Matrix and accentuated her mastery of transparent layers.

Susan's work and personality always draw a crowd.

Susan Evans discusses several pieces with her guests

Gallery director Regina Held also spoke about Evans' work

Susan has numerous fans, followers, friends and collectors! 
Matrix Fine Art is pleased to have Susan Evans as one of our artists and we always look forward to seeing her new work. We encourage you to drop by and see her work in person during our open hours.

Susan says of her work:

"My dedication to the technique of chiaroscuro follows the spirit of the Great Enlightenment of the Northern Baroque Period of the 17th century.  I use this method to exalt reality and I make use of human visual archetypes in my choice of subject material.  I seek to impart a sublime presence to simple objects; also the use of negative space contributes to the peaceful and contemplative quality of my work.

The classic techniques and underlying forces are employed: 
– Directional shapes in the abstract design 
–  A single dominant light source to move the eye 
– Intensity of light and value in the focal area I seek to evoke an emotional response from my viewer with the dramatic single image pieces. Both exciting and meditative, these large pieces are an unflinching look at one particular form."