Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Model, 15 Photographers

Organized by Pat Berrett and Tim Anderson, 15 photographers were given the opportunity to shoot the same model (Minie Gonzalez), and the results were incredible. The finished works ranged from classic beauty to magazine print quality, from whimsical to social commentary. During the opening the public got to vote on which piece they felt deserved the prestigious "People's Choice Award," for which the winner received free printing of an edition of 10 Digital Prints from Carr Imaging, which was graciously donated by Patrick Carr. When we tallied the approximately 75 votes, the Winner was Fernando Delgado and his work "Minerva 1", and there was a tie for runner-up between Roger Baker with "Essence" and Joy Godfrey with "I Do This For You." Upon accepting his award, Delgado bequeathed his prize to the model herself, Minie Gonzales, the decision was met with great applause from everyone. The Photographers responsible for such an intriguing exhibition included: Diane Alire, Tim Anderson, Roger Baker, Pat Berret, Fernando Delgado, Joy Godfrey, John Goyer, Brian Griener, Oscar Lozoya, Wes Naman, Amy Parrish, Craig Roberts, Paula Scott, Crystal Sims, Doran Smith, and the model herself (Minie Gonzales) presented two pieces at the show of her own taking as well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Proyecto Tango @ Matrix Fine Art

When people think of Tango, they think of Buenas Aires. World Renowned Dance Photographer Stephen Marino and Writer Pat Pitula have proven with their book Tango!... In Your Wildest Dreams! that Tango can actually be found all over the world, including Albuquerque. As Stephen passed through the crowd mimicking the leading movements of a male Tango dancer, he describes the unimaginable feeling of being engulfed in these amazing places full of life and passion, as those portrayed in his photographs.
Stephen has been a Dance Photographer for years, photographing for Dancing With The Stars amongst other things. Stephen & Pat both had a concept in mind for this book years prior to even meeting each other, but when they did, they knew this wasn't a coincidence and immediately started collaborating on this project. The book contains photos from, Buenas Aires, South Africa, The Bahamas, and the United States of America. Through their travels and experiences photographing and writing about Tango, one definite conclusion was made: Tango is Dancing More with Feel than Mind. Tango is Free! The Proyecto Tango show will be at Matrix Fine Art until the 26th of November 2011.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raul Dorn and Susan Reid had an outstanding opening!

Raul Dorn is an artist who resides in Las Cruces, NM. He is also a high school art teacher. Some of his students came to visit him at the opening. I can only imagine he is a patient, yet fun teacher. His abstract paintings are layered with many rich colors, collage, and fabric patterns.
Caught in the Throat of Nature 16 x 12" Acrylic and MM on Paper Susan Reid’s work attracted many local clients and artists. Her newer works are delightful to look at. A new series titled “Vacation” consists of 6- 5x 5” paintings on paper, inspired by vacationing in Florida. The colors are reminiscent of a setting sunset at the beach. The show runs through the end of October so come on by and visit!
Windows of Opportunity 24 x 12" Acrylic on Canvas

Friday, September 16, 2011

Marilyn Dillard’s Colorful Abstracts Brighten the Room!

Dillard is small in stature yet uses canvases larger than her to as small as an 8 x 10" painting. Her newest pieces are inspired by the natural landscape, especially the visual qualities of rock, soil, and vegetation in its many variations. The work does not include reproductions of the landscape or a specific place but rather represents the essence of the landscape.

Many people came out to see this lovely exhibition. The work is
a beauty of contrast, textured imperfections, and emotions that Dillard expresses through her abstract paintings.

Another artist, Matthew Lutz came to the opening. Leo Neufeld also came to see his wall in honor of being announced a Local Treasure in Albuquerque! It is always a joy to see the Matrix artists. They are usually busy working away in their studios and doing their daily life things that we don't get to visit often.
Matthew Lutz

Leo Neufeld

Marilyn Dillard has been with Matrix since it first opened. It is a delight to see her work evolve.

And here is the crew that helps make this gallery a success!

(From left to right: Kristen Gentry- Intern, Meredith Chapman- Intern, Regina Held, Director, Tanya Landin- Assistant, Pamela DiMauro- Assistant)

Thanks Jeff Simpson for the photographs!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo New Mexico Juror Talk

This is a little past due... better late than never, right?

Mary Anne Redding discusses how and why she chose the photographs for Photo New Mexico 2011. With the names and titles set aside, Redding looked through over 100 photographs to choose from. Her initial reaction was to choose images that stood out visually from the rest. We asked that she choose one image per artist so the gallery could represent more artists. Redding had a difficult time with this as some of the images by the same photographer were so striking!

The photogravure, “Building Blocks of War”, by Diane Alire, won the juror’s choice award. Redding loved the political message, the exquisite printing, and the composition of the piece.

Building Blocks of War

There was a question about photogravure being considered photography or printmaking or both. Redding highly agreed that it is a photographic process because the artist starts from a photograph being printed in an alternative fashion. Photogravure is a printmaking process and many can see how a photograph translates into gravure just next door at New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo New Mexico 2011 exposes the best of photography in NM!

Like all gallery owners, I wish I had three times the wall space to exhibit all the great art that is made in New Mexico. I especially wish I had one room just dedicated to photography. But since I don’t have that kind of space, I can only show so much work at any given time. Photo NM gives me the opportunity to exhibit some wonderful photography by several different artists who I normally would not be able to accommodate.

Regina and Mary Ann Redding

But the toughest job went to the juror. Mary Anne Redding, curator of Photography at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe not only had to choose 25 images out of a gazillion entries, she also had to pick the “Juror’s Choice Award” which went to Diane Alire’s “Building Blocks of Wars.” She liked it because it was very timely and thought provoking. Congratulations, Diane!

Diane Alire

Diane and Regina

To our surprise, Mary Ann picked another favorite piece which we quickly coined as the “Juror’s Award of Merit.” It went to Jamie Sweeney for “Elena Waiting.” The quirky part about this is that Elena was our intern from April to May, and Jamie is her fiance!!!!

Although it was incredibly hot all evening despite of the air condition pumping as hard as it could, everybody stayed until the end to find out who received the coveted “People’s Choice Award.”

The award was taken home by Marie Maher for “Tomorrow’s Dream.” Marie could not believe it!

Marie Maher and her piece

There are some amazing pieces in this show with some artists having juried into it before, and some new faces.

Adrian Panaro

David Antreasian

Charles Palmer

George Gibson

David Hanson

Philip Augustin

Lee Chesney

Jo Antreasian

Tim Anderson

Sylvia Crain

If you like photography this is a show you don’t want to miss. If you are a photographer and would like to see your work included in this show next year, watch for the “call for entry” which will go out in January. Request to be on our mailing list, or check our website for the entry forms.

Don’t miss the Juror’s talk on Saturday, July 23, from 1 – 2 PM. Mary Ann Redding is very approachable and very passionate about photography. The show will run through July 30.

Tanya Landin, gallery assistant, Pamela DiMauro, artist and volunteer, Molly Zimmer, intern, Regina Held, director

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo New Mexico winners!

Diane Alire
Building Blocks of Wars
We had a great turnout for Photo NM last night! Diane Alire won the Jurors Choice Award for her piece "Building Blocks of War", Honorable Mention went to Jamie Sweeney for "Elena Waiting", and the People's Choice award went to Marie Maher for "Tomorrow's Dream". Congrats!

Jamie Sweeney
Elena Waiting

Marie Maher
Tomorrow's Dream

Please come hear the juror for this exhibition, Mary Anne Redding, discuss her selections, Saturday July 23rd from 1 to 2 pm.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo New Mexico 2011 is almost here!

Here is a preview of the show on our website! Visit Photo New Mexico online.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Local Treasure Leo Neufeld

Matrix artist, Leo Neufeld has been honored as "Local Treasure" by the AABA for his achievement as visual artist and his contributions to the Albuquerque community. Congratulations Leo!

For more information visit the Albuquerque Art Business Association website.

Leo Neufeld, Paradise, 36 x 44", Oil on Linen

Friday, June 10, 2011

David Koch’s newest pop art paintings!

David combines or layers disparate elements such as; a monochrome field of color, images and graphics. Many of his newest works are on two panels, wood panel and canvas next to each other with one placed higher than the other. The images are simplified to line that give the viewer enough information to visualize the whole image. The choice of images in his work may not always make sense visually however it may touch someone at an emotional or conceptual level. And what may make perfect sense to one person viewing the piece may not for someone else.

Stacy Hawkinson, fellow artist, and David Koch

Stacy Hawkinson, fellow artist, and David Koch

The opening on First Friday was a delight. It was wonderful to see many friends and family come over to support David’s new body of work. He also completed his "self portrait" series with this show. He has done many paintings of a piece of candy, with a pill of some sort, and a word on top. The “Self Portrait “ series
is a direct response to many personal issues that have evolved over time.
Here are two pieces titled, “Yes” and “Glad”

David has been busy painting and has work showing at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Check out the link for more information.