Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Place to Fly - Mixed Media Sculpture and Paintings by Archer Dougherty

Hiding Places
17" diameter
Wood, clay, and found objects

Archer Dougherty could be called a renaissance woman. Her interactive sculptures are inspired by architecture, mythologies, icons, poetry, and literature – subjects she has studied and explored in depth. Delicate boxes open up to reveal an inner sanctum where memories are stored and ideas sprout wings. Butterfly and bird images are juxtaposed with architectural elements; hand-made and found objects take turns telling a story. By piecing together form, text, and image, Dougherty investigates connections between the innermost human spirit and nature.

Exhibition dates: October 2 - 31
(Early Bird Preview: September 29 – October 2)

First Friday Artscrawl Reception: October 2, 5 – 8:00 PM

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 9 – 6; Tuesday 10 - 4, Closed Monday

Contact person: Regina Held, 268-8952
Cost of event: Free

Location: 3812 Central Ave. SE - 2.5 blocks east of Carlisle between Solano and Aliso, next to New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery