Friday, August 14, 2015

Exhibition Opening - Freedom and Constraint

Viewers enjoy Freedom and Constraint

On First Friday, August 7, 2015, Matrix Fine Art hosted a reception for our latest exhibition, Freedom and Constraint: Fused Glass by Lisa Chernoff & Paintings by Rachel Popowcer and Raul Dorn. 

The dynamic mix of media really enlivened both the space and our visitors!

Lisa Chernoff’s fused glass pieces evoke a soothing tension between the bold use of color along with the cold density of the glass itself. She captures intricate subtleties within the layers of glass and which are reinforced by the shadows projected on the wall. 

Lisa Chernoff poses with her work

A shot of Lisa's work (right), looking into the smaller gallery

Lisa Chernoff's fused glass works are a feast for the eye! Painterly and ephemeral.

Rachel Popowcer carefully builds up her paintings with layers of color and personal symbols such as hummingbirds, lines, and the female form. 

Rachel Popowcer poses with her work

Rachel Popowcer's work offers a vibrant, textured experience

Work by Rachel Popowcer (right) and Lisa Chernoff (left)

Rachel Popowcer 

Raul Dorn’s pieces “have no prescribed footwork - only impulse, no finger on the map - just direction. His work has become increasingly less cerebral and calibrated, gaining contact with the turbulence of painting from the gut.”
Raul Dorn poses with a few of his pieces

Raul Dorn's works on paper

Raul Dorn (left)
Our artists each demonstrate levels of constraint and freedom in their approach to mark-making, subject matter and execution.

More shots from the exhibition opening:

Did you miss the reception? Don't worry! The show runs through August 29, 2015. There's still time to see the work in person.