Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leo Neufeld’s plein air landscapes energize

Neufeld’s show opened with a huge attendance and packed the gallery all evening long. He dedicated the last twelve months to create this body of plein air landscapes which mark a significant change of style and direction in his work. Some of these canvases are huge, but it did not stop him from lugging them into the Sandias and foothills where these pieces were created

Leo’s enthusiasm for working more loose and directly from nature was boundless and it shows in the freshness and vibrant energy of his work.


Desert View

Desert Life

This is a huge shift for Neufeld who is widely known for his old masterly portraits. He certainly plans to continue his career as a portrait artist; but it is clear that this show of marks a pivotal point in the artist’s career.

Special guest at the reception were fellow landscape artist Russell Hamilton

and the infamous Don Shrader who Leo has painted repeatedly over the last few years.

Last, but not least we had a surprise visit from the former owner of ARTopia Allan Rosenfield and his partner Dan.

Thanks to all of you who made it to the reception. If you missed it, the show runs through June 26. A special thanks to our staff and volunteers, and especially to Jeff Simpson who did a great job taking pictures during the reception.

This blog was submitted by gallery director Regina Held and her assistant Tanya Landin.

This body of plein air landscapes represents a break-through in Leo Neufeld’s extensive artistic career. Well known as Albuquerque’s premier portrait artist, Neufeld spend the last twelve months on this series of New Mexico landscapes which literally resemble “portraits” of a place. These impasto oil paintings are fresh, lush, vibrant and they are infused with an immediacy and energy quite different from the artist’s previous work. This will be a tremendously exciting exhibition.

Show runs until June 26

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